1. Daycare Day to assess temperament and behavior before an overnight stay


2. If 6 months/older must be: potty trained, and females spayed after 1st heat OR males neutered by 1 year or when showing signs of marking inside, excessive humping, possessiveness. 


3. Dogs must wear a COLLAR WITH NAME TAG (include name, phone number, and last name if possible ) & please have dogs on a LEASH when you arrive. We are a rural area and neighbors have livestock and birds. Please label leash with name tag or marker.

4. FLEA PREVENTION . If fleas are noticed during their stay, a CAPGAURD will be administered for a charge of $15. Dogs will be checked at drop off and not accepted if fleas are noticed. (Preferred prevention is pill form.)


5. Shots required: Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, and Bordetella. We also suggest flu & lepto but understand breed restrictions.


6. Must create online profile and sign agreements and liability release online. Copy of SHOT RECORD FROM THE VET needs to be uploaded to owner files online. Many vets will quickly email you or me shot records.


Please click link for online profile and reservations: bbboarding.gingrapp.com/customer


  • DOG FOOD either in a sealed container (plastic box with lid, cereal container with flip lid, gallon zip lock) with scoop and OR each meal in a pre-measured Ziploc baggy. Must have written instructions on how much and how often. I do not have space to store or seal whole bags of food unless staying for 2+ weeks. Please only send enough for the stay and maybe a little extra.

  • BEDDING is not supplied. You are welcome to send bed or blankets. 

  • CHOKE PROOF toy or bone is welcome but also not required

  • TREATS if you want to send some

  • MEDS - in ziplock with written instructions on what, how much, how often, how is it given


*Excessive barkers, escape artist, and extreme separation anxiety NOT accepted.

**Must be potty trained. Exception for puppies and there may be a $5 charge per day.

***We are a social setting based on playtime, sun bathing, and lap-time; so if your pup dislikes other dogs or has never been around other dogs, we may not be the best choice for your pup. We understand not all pups are high energy play and we do have smalls/low energy play group.