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How do I get my pup started?

1. Please click red link or download app to create online account and complete registration for client portal.

2. In client portal: Go to account > Upload records > Tap "Drop your files here" > Select Image OR Document > select media

   You need to Upload negative fecal results/shot records. Only once. It will say missing info in red color until we verify and manually enter expiration dates.

3. In client portal: Go to account > Waivers & Agreements > READ & SIGN both online agreements

3. Text us that you've created an account and completed all steps. (we must review shot records to move forward)

4. We will text letting you know you can request First Daycare Day to assess temperament and behavior before an overnight stay.

Phone app for clients is Gingr for pet parents. Invite code is 937102.





What are the requirements?

1. If 6 months/older must be: potty trained, females spayed after 1st heat and males neutered by 9 months. If raising leg to pee or humping other dogs, before 9 months, they will be suspended until neutered. Male behavior like marking inside, excessive humping, possessiveness of dogs will not be accepted. 


2. Every daycare/boarding Dog must wear a COLLAR WITH NAME TAG every visit (include name, phone number, and last name if possible ) & please have dogs on a LEASH when you arrive. We are a rural area and neighbors have livestock and birds. Do not leave leash. We are not responsible for it.

3. FLEA PREVENTION . If fleas are noticed during their stay, a CAPGAURD will be administered for a charge of $15-$20. Dogs will be checked at drop off and not accepted if fleas are noticed. (Preferred prevention is monthly pill.)

4. Shots required: Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, and Bordetella. We also require ANNUAL FECAL TEST SHOWING NEGATIVE RESULTS. Upload in client portal.

5. Must create online profile in client portal and sign ALL agreements and liability release online.

*Excessive barkers, escape artist, and extreme separation anxiety NOT accepted.

**Must be potty trained. Exception for puppies and there may be a $5 charge per day.

***We are a social setting based on playtime, sun bathing, and lap-time; so if your pup dislikes other dogs or has never been around other dogs, we may not be the best choice for your pup. We understand not all pups are high energy play and we do have smalls/low energy play group.

Can I have a tour?

We offer tours on your pup's first daycare day to limit traffic on our street. It's best to have their first daycare days Tues., Wed., or Thur. and to arrive between 8:30-9:30am when I'm back from my bus route OR pickup 3-4pm before I leave for my bus route. If no tour is needed, then you can drop off as early as 7am and an employee will be here. All daycare dogs must be picked up by 6pm. We do offer first daycare days and tours on some Mon/Fri depending on time of year. Just send a text and we will help get you setup. Feel free to visit our facebook page and go to our videos tab. There you will find a lot of walk through videos.

What do I pack for daycare?

Nothing. Collar and nametag always required.

What do I pack for boarding?

Helpful Links (click each pic for link to it)

  • Collar (MUST HAVE plastic quick release buckle, NO METAL buckles for safety)

    • The waterproof collar will last for years and well worth the price. Easy to keep clean and won't stink over time.​

  • Name tag (it's great to include two phone numbers and address)​​

  • PREFERRED Food Container​​


Tank Bellon
8802 Roy Rd

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