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Late May to Mid Aug: Bath Services are for daycare and boarding dogs only due to peak season 


Small/Type A $18

Medium/Type B $23

Large/Type C $28

XLarg/Type D $33

Baths, Nails, Ears

Small/Type A $25

Medium/Type B $30

Large/Type C $35

XLarge/Type D $40

Shed-less Treatment

Includes blowout, Shampoo and Conditioner, blow dry,

brushout, anal glands, nail trim, ear cleaning

Small $30-35

Medium $35-45

Large $45-60

XLarge $60-80

*price will vary based on coat length and condition


Nail Trim $13

Nail Filing $5 and up

Brushout (doodles and long coats) $5 and up

Coat Renewal Mud Bath $5 and up

Full Grooming & Face/Feet/Fanny are custom prices.

Size Reference (varies)

Small – chihuahua, Dachshund

Medium – Beagle, Boston Terrier

Large – Lab

Xlarge – Great Dane

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